A man in China was getting his iPhone battery replaced and chose to bite the battery to see if it was real. This, however, proved to be a mistake. The battery exploded after being bitten.

No one seemed to be hurt by the explosion.

iPhone Battery Explodes

The explosion occurred on Jan. 19, at a third-party electronics store while the man was getting his battery replaced. Video of the explosion was uploaded online and it shows that the battery didn't explode while it was in the man's mouth but only after he took it out.

The man can be seen initially inspecting the battery before biting down on it. Just seconds after removing it from his mouth a bright flash shows the explosion, as the customer and others around moved away from the exploding battery.

No one seemed seriously hurt after the battery caught fire. Everyone in the vicinity of the explosion walked away without any visible injuries. 

Biting batteries is not a sure way of detecting whether or not they are authentic. What makes the case weird is what exactly may have caused the explosion. There's speculation that his teeth may have punctured the battery's casing which caused it to catch fire.

Someone suggested that he bit the wrong material. "The battery is not gold, why are you biting it?" said a comment on the video.

This is not the first time that an iPhone battery has exploded. Previously, an Apple Store in Spain had to be evacuated after an iPhone battery exploded and filled the store with smoke. In Switzerland, an overheated iPhone battery began emitting smoke and caused the Apple Store to be evacuated. One of the workers sustained minor burns from this incident.

Apple Throttling iPhone Performance

Apple has been in trouble recently after it was discovered that the company had been throttling performance of older iPhone models. After being caught the company apologized, and has been giving consumers discounted battery replacements. It also announced that it in the future users will be able to adjust battery settings in the future.

Various governments are looking into Apple's battery issues. Lawsuits have been filed in France and New York. A consumer group in China also asked for answers to the battery throttling issue.

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