The 'Persona' Franchise May No Longer Be PlayStation Exclusive: Will We See 'Persona 6' On Nintendo Switch?


The Persona franchise, fresh off the success of Persona 5 as a PlayStation 4 exclusive, may soon expand to other platforms.

Persona 5 was nominated for various awards and took home some of them. It will be interesting to see if the series can rake in more accolades if it is made available on other platforms including the Nintendo Switch and PC.

Persona 6 Multiplatform Release

Atlus released an extensive Japanese survey asking its fans intriguing questions. The survey, which appears to be difficult to access for users outside of Japan, begins by asking gamers what they want as next entry in the Persona franchise. The options include a board game, a strategy RPG, an action RPG, an online RPG, a fighting game, a shooter, or Persona 6.

Perhaps the most important is that Atlus also asked about the platforms players prefer for the options that they chose. The platforms mentioned in the survey are PlayStation 4, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, smartphones, or somewhere else.

Out of all the mentioned platforms, only the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation Vita have hosted past Persona titles. Persona 5, however, was only launched on the PlayStation 4.

Persona 5 was picked one of our top 7 video games of 2017. It provided players with eye-candy visuals and a gripping story in a game that combines the dungeon crawler genre with social simulators.

Meanwhile, Persona 4 Golden on the PlayStation Vita was one of the handheld console's greatest games. Who knows, Persona 6 would also turn out great if ever Nintendo will release it on Switch.

Other Possible Atlus Games

Another interesting question in the Atlus survey is whether fans would like a remake of a previously released game by the developer. Among the titles mentioned in the survey are past Persona entries, the Devil Survivor and Devil Summoner series, the Etrian Odyssey series, the Digital Devil Saga series, and the Shin Megami Tensei series.

In addition to remakes of past Atlus games, the developer also asked for spin-offs that players might want to see, which will be based on its previous franchises. Samples of such spin-offs include the upcoming Persona dancing games, Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night, and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night.

Overall, the survey is an in-depth look at the interests of players, which is a great thing for Atlus to do. The answers to the questions should give the developer a good idea of what projects will be a smash hit among gamers.

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