Google Clips Camera Preorders Begin: Everything To Know About $249 AI Camera


In October 2017, Google revealed its small AI-powered camera known as the Google Clips and now, the device is officially on sale.

The tech company hasn’t revealed much about the device but it did begin taking preorders quietly for the Google Clips on Saturday, Jan. 27. The price of the device is $249 and will be shipped for free.

The hype for the device has met expectations and unfortunately, users are currently being directed to a waitlist. When joining the waitlist, customers will be notified via email when the device is available again. Reports say that those customers who placed a  preorder for Google Clips saw delivery dates set on Feb. 27 to March 5.

What Is Google Clips?

The small camera made by Google is quite different from others in the market. It is geared toward parents and families who want to capture moments with their loved ones. The general idea is that the Clips sits in the background and waits for the precise moment to snap a picture.

According to the product description on Google’s website, Clips boasts a feature called Moment IQ that makes the device smart enough to recognize great expressions, different light, and framing, so the camera can capture amazing photos. The more the device is used, the smarter it gets.

The Google Clips also captures short video clips that are easy to share with apps like Google Photos. The device is private and doesn’t even require an internet connection to work.

It’s ultra light and portable, weighing only 60.5 grams. It has up to three hours of smart capturing and has 16GB of storage. Users can transfer data over Wi-Fi direct or plug it into a computer using the USB-C port. The operating systems start at Android 7.0 Nougat but can be upgraded.

Apps That Work With Google Clips

There are a few apps that will work with the new AI camera aside from Google Photos app. With the accompanying Google Clips app, users can see what’s been captured on their device, upload and share the pictures they want, and discard what they dislike. The app also highlights best moments and allows users to save any frame of a clip as a photo.

Anyone concerned over privacy should not worry as Google has said the device is always watching but uses its own hardware and does not send out data to external servers.

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