Exclusive: FriendO Social Gaming Quiz App Reveals John LaValle CEO, Surpasses 2 Million Players


FriendO, the social gaming quiz app that lets users test how well their best friends know them, has become one of the fastest growing apps on the App Store.

Now, It has a total of 500k daily active users, surpassing 2 million players. Truly, it is a milestone to celebrate, especially for a gaming app that's been in the App Store and Google Play, and exploded in popularity over the last six months. 

FriendO Is A Great Way To Test How Well Your BFF Really Knows You

It has remained a mystery who's behind the successful social gaming quiz app, until now. FriendO was created by a team of tech executives after they saw the deterioration of friendship in today's social media-obsessed environment.

"At some point, it dawned on us that people have followers and not friends. You may have 10,000 followers on Instagram or Snapchat with 5,000 people, and Facebook may say you have 1,000 friends, but the truth is 99% of these people could walk by you on the street and you wouldn't even know who they are," LaValle, recently revealed as CEO of FriendO, told Tech Times. "The depth of real friendships is starting to be a thing of the past. So the thought of a fun gaming-style app that would let you "Test" your friendships, your real friendships, came to us."

The whole idea behind the social gaming quiz app is to allow users to get to know each other on a whole different level.

"The goal is to go deeper, not broader, and the deeper users go, the faster they move up the leaderboard," said LaValle.

FriendO Adds Most Requested Category Ask Your Own Question

The FriendO app allows users to answer fun questions about themselves across various categories such as their favorite foods, music, politics, and sports.The company has also added the ability for users to create their own questions and answers along with introducing a new category called Ask Your Own Question.

"We're pretty sure we'll see a lot of attempts at humor, a lot of private and risqué questions, a lot of inter-friend dynamic questions, maybe some political stuff, and then probably some that will just plain silly," LaValle said when asked What will users come up with.

FriendO Social Quiz App To Add Party Mode (beta) In Two Weeks

In addition, the quiz app will be releasing a new feature Party Mode, the most requested feature by its users and a beta will be released in two weeks. Party Mode lets hosts throw a party, where they'll have to find out who really is their best friend.

How does Party Mode work? LaValle revealed that the party host will answer 20-themed questions about the interests and the party will start. Friends attending the party will have 48 hours to answer those questions and the life of the party wins virtual currency, which can be used to unlock special categories and to host parties

The app has always supported one-on-one gameplay and chat between players. However, Party Mode will add additional support group chat feature for those in the party. For now, users can only play against their friends on Facebook but also have the option to invite friends via an e-mail address or mobile phone number.

Since the quiz app is focused on friendship, we asked LaValle if he has any plans to help users to discover new friends through FriendO.

"We have thought a lot about allowing players to discover new friends through FriendO, and it's an easy feature to enable," said LaValle. "Right now, however, we're focused on allowing people who already know each other to get to know each other better, and to have fun doing so."

The Team Behind FriendO

Prior to joining the FriendO team, LaValle served as the CEO of Row 44, Inc., a satellite-based in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment content provider for commercial airlines. In addition to working 20 years with various technology companies, LaValle has also completed four successful IPOs.

"The team behind FriendO includes LA-based backers including Mucker Capital, Brad Jones (co-Founder of Redpoint Venture Capital), and the Greenberg family of Skechers," said LaValle. "Our goal is to build a highly engaging social game that becomes part of your daily routine while at the same time proving that LA is highly relevant for game-changing companies!"

FriendO is currently available to download from the App Store and Google Play.

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