Immediately after making it available for Roku users, Google has now officially expanded the availability of its live YouTube TV service by also releasing it to Apple TV devices.

This announcement wasn't much of a surprise since Google had already announced that the app was coming to Roku and Apple TV platforms in Q1 2018, but many users probably didn't expect it to be this soon. Anyhow, none are complaining.

YouTube TV Now On Apple TV

Google formally announced the availability via a tweet, telling Apple users to check the App Store, formally but rather quite vaguely confirming that the YouTube TV app is finally available on tvOS devices.

Since the launch of YouTube TV in early 2017, its expansion to other platform has been somewhat of a messy, chaotic ride. Back in December, YouTube said it had delayed Roku and Apple TV versions of the app when it failed to meet an earlier deadline that was set back in late October. Then upon dropping news of Roku availability, a representative told the media that the app would be coming to tvOS devices "very soon." Very soon indeed.

Then, this tweet:

In the tech word, "very soon" often means months later after the statement, not within the day. Still, though, no Apple TV user is complaining.

YouTube TV is available in nearly 100 metro areas, and can also be downloaded for Chromecast, Android TV, Xbox One, and newer models of Samsung and LG TVs.

YouTube TV

As a refresher, YouTube TV lets subscribers watch over 40 channels live, with options including CBS, NBC, Fox, FX, and a ton of others. Sports fans will also be pleased to know that there are 10 available channels for their Sports cravings, including big ones such as ESPN, NBCSN, and more. There's also an option to add Showtime, but that'll incur an extra fee on top of the $35 monthly subscription cost. Each subscription covers up to six people, which actually makes it pretty affordable.

Cord-cutters are probably the type of people to find YouTube TV highly appealing, especially if it lets them abandon traditional cable services, which are often very costly because they're bundled with services most users don't even need. It could also greatly complement a Netflix or Hulu subscription, especially for those aching to watch live TV channels.

YouTube TV subscribers also receive unlimited DVR options functionality, and they'll be able to search for shows just like on Google's search engine.

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