Meet Xiaodie, A Smart Companion Doll Built To Please Lonely Men In China


China has more men than women, which makes it more difficult for millions of men in the country to find their female partner.

To help please lonely Chinese men, EXDOLL, a sex doll manufacturer, has been developing smart companions that can talk to their owners and perform other tasks, too.

Smart Companions Aim To Please Lonely Men In China

Meet Xiaodie, the company's most recent robot companion that has the ability to chat with her owners, play music, and do the dishes. She can also surf the internet and respond to voice commands from across the room.

How does Xiaodie work? Men can control Xiaodie as a companion doll with a smartphone app by simply using voice commands similar to Apple's Siri, but not as innocent.

"Xiaodie, but you can also call me baby," responds the sex doll once men ask her what her name is.

A smart companion robot such as Xiaodie doesn't come with a cheap price tag, however. The sex doll company is charging $4,000 per robot.

Men Can Customize Their Companion Doll

Men will be able to customize their companions to their liking. This means that they can choose the breast size, height, the color of skin, eye, and hair color for their dolls. Since it's a sex doll, the company is also giving men the option to decide how much pubic hair they want the doll to have.

Some of the more popular companion dolls have pale skin, have larger breasts, and stand at about 5 feet 7 inches. Some of the dolls can also be found wearing school girl skirts, although, the company said they aren't supposed to represent children.

The company says that its goal is to create the most beautiful robot powered by artificial intelligence.

"There are already good robot technologies developed, so we want to concentrate on having a robot with the most beautiful face, and the hottest body," says Qiao Qu, chief development officer at EXDOLL manufacturing company in China.

Next year, the manufacturer plans to add some more features to the companion doll. These include the ability to have complex body movements, facial expressions, and eyes that can follow where people are going.

The smart companion dolls are designed so they can have meaningful conversations with men and help out around the house. They might even be able to assist as receptionists or assistants. For now, however, the companions are supposed to help Chinese men not feel so lonely.

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