Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Review Roundup: Mobile Version Keeps The Game's Heart In Cute Little Package


Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is now available for both iOS and Android users, bringing a lightweight version of the latest entry in the popular RPG franchise to mobile devices.

When Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition was announced in August last year, it was unclear how exactly the "cute" version of Final Fantasy XV will play out. Early reviews, however, heap praises on the mobile game.

'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' Is A Must Try Mobile Game

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, a port of Final Fantasy XV for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, retains the story of the console version with several significant changes.

The first notable change is the transformation from the realistic graphics of Final Fantasy XV into the cartoonish aesthetic of Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition. This, however, comes with the benefit of making the game feel more like the classic entries of the franchise, wrote Macworld's Andrew Hayward. He also noted how the open-world nature of the original is compressed into condensed locations that reduce the need for exploration, which makes the game focus on the critical points of the plot and push the story forward faster.

Android Police's Matthew Sholtz wrote that combat in Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is "much more simplified" compared to Final Fantasy XV, with movement and actions relying on screen taps. Tapping on an enemy will get Noctis to auto attack it, while a long press will have him fly toward the enemy. Action bubbles will also pop up every once in a while to dodge attacks and launch special moves. The combat system is definitely stripped down, but it still does a decent job of capturing the action of Final Fantasy XV.

"This is a much, much better effort than the busted mobile ports of other Final Fantasy games that Square Enix has done in the past," according to Destructoid's Chris Carter. He added that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will cater to gamers who want a truncated version of the immensely expansive Final Fantasy XV, or those who have already finished the game but would like to relive its story.

Perhaps the best part about Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is the fact that its first chapter is completely free, giving players about two hours of gameplay to decide whether to continue with the adventure. The price of $20 to unlock the remaining nine chapters might be considered steep for a mobile game, but according to the reviews, Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is worth it.

'Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition' For Nintendo Switch Up Next?

Now that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is out for iOS and Android devices, the attention moves to the Nintendo Switch. Rumors from last year claimed that the mobile version of the RPG may also be released on the hybrid console, as it does not have what it takes to run Final Fantasy XV properly.

A Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Nintendo Switch version is definitely a possibility, but it remains a rumor until Square Enix makes an official announcement.

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