Fortnite's Valentine's Day Goodies Revealed: Skins, Crossbow, And More


The month of love is here and some video games want to celebrate with their users. Epic Games has something in store for Valentine's Day.

The developer continues to deliver brilliant post-release support for Fortnite and its Battle Royale game mode. The open-world survival shooter recently celebrated a new milestone with over 45 million registered users. Its success clearly motivated the game studio to shower its fans with more optional cosmetic content, which includes new skins, weapons, and more.

Love-Themed Content For Both Game Modes

So far, the upcoming content detailed by the announcement will reportedly arrive in two parts, as indicated by the game studio. The free-to-play Battle Royale game mode is scheduled to receive its Valentine's Day content sometime this within the week. However, the title's Save The World game mode will supposedly get its own share of goodies exactly on Feb. 14.

The Good Stuff

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Fortnite Battle Royale player will receive two new skins themed around the love. The first one appears to be a statue of Cupid, complete with a white sash and pink pants. The other one makes players look like a human-sized teddy bear with a broken heart symbol on its belly. Next up is a new weapon that was previously teased as a quiet way to take down opponents. The Crossbow is armed with unlimited arrows and can be found inside treasure chests or loot generated with Epic and Rare versions as well. The weapon sports a pink body with white polka dots around its metal frame.

In the meantime, its Save The World game mode will get special quest line named "A Love Story, told the Fortnite way" and heroes that flaunt a theme related to Valentine's Day.

Bug Fixes Included

The update version 2.4.2 will not only showcase the new content detailed above, but also brings about some fixes to gameplay. Issues regarding collision will be addressed along with the problem regarding the rooftop, which causes players to slide off. The hole located somewhere in the terrain south of Retail Row will be fixed.

The in-game shop glitches are reportedly included with the fix that likewise removes undesirable high-frequency sound made by the Chomp Jr pickaxe.

More details about the other changes will be posted by Epic Games on the official webpage for Fortnite.

Supporting The Winter Olympics

Earlier this week, Fortnite introduced new skins that promoted support for the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The new Alpine Ski skins cost 1,500 V-Bucks (the earnable in-game currency) and can also be bought with real money at $15 each.

Post-launch content support like the Valentine's Day special, 2018 Winter Olympics, and more are stuff that makes players enjoy the grind in Fortnite, as noted by critics.

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