Flying Car Test Goes Wrong; Car Crashes Shortly After Take-Off


The future is here. While cars still can't fly like in The Jetsons, that doesn't stop people from trying.

A recent test for a flying car went horribly wrong, however, when the car crashed into a building moments after taking off.

The video below offers little context into what is happening.

SkyRunner Crash

The original video of the crash was posted to Reddit. A car can be seen taking off in a large open field while a man films the takeoff. Shortly after takeoff, the car veers directly into a low nearby building. It crashes into the building and just shatters into pieces.

Further down in the comments another video showing the aftermath of the scene can be found. The car is destroyed. In the description of the video more information can be gleaned about the crash.

A pilot and his wife were testing the SkyRunner light-sport NI43SR when it crashed. Both were able to survive the crash but were severely injured. According to SkyRunner, this took place in the United Arab Emirates on Feb. 9.

"A company which owns a SkyRunner was performing a routine flight on Friday when it came in contact with a building," said SkyRunner CEO Stewart Hamel to Gizmodo. "Both Pilot and passenger are stable, neither sustained life-threatening-injuries. We understand the incident is currently under investigation in the UAE and we will report further when we know more."

It still isn't known what caused the crash. From the video it can be seen that the pilot didn't get enough altitude when taking off, crashing into the top of the building. To take off, the SkyRunner needs a minimum 137-meter runway.

Flying cars seem to be technology that's out of reach. While it may be fun to zoom around the air like George Jetson, the idea of the same people who drive on the road flying cars in the air is terrifying. SkyRunner has simple controls with two flight controls that direct the car to the right and to the left. This crash happened with no traffi. Adding more cars to this equation can be disastrous.

SkyRunner can fly at 10,000 feet, with a 36-knot cruising speed and a 120-mile range. Prices for SkyRunner vehicles are all over $100,000. While the incident happened outside of the United States, SkyRunner vehicles are Federal Aviation Administration-certified. They can be purchased and flown with a pilot's license.

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