Robots Can Produce Handwritten Notes In Case You Can’t Be Bothered


It's 2018, handwritten notes may seem like a thing of the past now that computers have taken over, but it still provides a personal touch. Even though technology keeps evolving and writing has moved away from being formal and elegant, people still want to receive handwritten notes.

Bond has robots that can take care of handwritten notes.


Bond invited Tech Times to an event in the East Village to showcase the capabilities of the robots. At the Modern Love Club, where free love advice and gifts were being given, were two robots writing notes for people. Since the event happened to coincide with Valentine's Day, the notes were mostly love notes.

Bond's two robots were offering handwritten note services completely free of charge. Both were working fastidiously to make sure that people were receiving the personalized notes quickly.

The entire process happened extremely quickly. After being greeted by an attendant, then selecting a type of stationery along with font style and font size, it's time to get started on the note. All of the notes that the robots were writing were personalized by each individual. There were differing note lengths and messages written by every person at the event.


This is just a preview of Bond's services. It is a service that allows people to send handwritten notes to anyone. Bond describes the experience as easy as sending an email. Notes are sent to Bond where it is packaged and shipped. From adding photos and logos to choosing the handwriting style offered by the company.

Bond is also available to digitize any individual's handwriting style to make it even more personal. That service of course costs more than the service where premade fonts are already available.

Handwritten notes were used in previous generations to express gratitude. Notes were able to communicate to people that others took time out of their day to express sincere thoughts. Writing notes by hand took time and showed people that those who sent notes were grateful.

One of the reasons for the decline of the handwritten notes besides the time commitment is the cost. Almost all other forms of digital communication are free. Handwritten notes are good because they are unusual. People are no longer receiving letters in the mail like before.

Even though it's a robot writing the note, handwritten notes will stand out more than the standard email thanking someone for their time.

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