Creating short GIFs from videos uploaded in Google-owned YouTube is now well established, with a long list of websites that are dedicated to this process being enjoyed by users all over the world.

However, these websites might soon become obsolete, as it seems that YouTube is rolling out its own GIF maker for its videos.

The new feature was first spotted by Andy Baio, former CTO of Kickstarter. He spread the news through a Twitter post that stated the inclusion of the GIF maker on videos under the PBS Idea Channel.

Other channels that have the GIF maker feature for their videos include Epic Rap Battles of History, vlogbrothers, Good Mythical Morning and Vsauce.

The feature, for now, seems to be still in its experimental stage. However, despite the status, the feature is already working smoothly.

For videos with the GIF maker feature turned on, users only have to click on Share then on the GIF option. Users can then customize the GIF to be created from the video.

The maximum length of the GIFs is six seconds. Users are also given the option to add text to the top or bottom of the GIF.

After choosing the part of the video and inputting text, the creation of the GIF will start, taking only a few seconds for the GIF to be finished.

Users can then choose to embed the created GIF in a website or blog, download the file into the computer, or share it to other users through a direct link.

YouTube has put up a sign-up page for beta testing the GIF maker. Users that have their own channels can choose to sign up to have the feature implemented in the videos under their channel.

According to YouTube, it will contact users that have signed up regarding the next stage of the beta testing for the GIF maker.

"We are testing this new feature with a handful of creators and look forward to adding new ones soon," YouTube said.

While it's not yet clear what YouTube's plans are for the GIF maker, it could be assumed that the feature would eventually be rolled out to include every video on the website.

The GIF maker could eventually just disappear if YouTube decides to postpone its implementation. However, if the feature is rolled out, the Internet should be prepared for a massive influx of moving images into social networks.

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