Google Maps for iOS just got a neat new update, adding a new bar at the bottom of the home screen with "Explore," "Driving," and "Transit" sections.

This enables users to get quick access to the desired information with minimum hassle. All information is in real-time, frequently updated with the latest changes.

Google Maps for Android has already been offering this feature for a year now, and the iOS version is finally catching up.

Google Maps iOS Update

The new panes in the updated version of Google Maps for iOS will show various information such as nearby places to eat or drink, local ATMs, transit information for commuting, and bus or train schedules for public transit. To get a more detailed view of such details, users can simply swipe up.

"Just swipe up and you'll see three tabs-the explore tab, driving tab and transit tab that will help you find a nearby restaurant, beat traffic, or catch the next bus," Google notes. "No matter what iOS device you're using, Google Maps can get you where you're going and help you explore the world around you."

New Tabs In Google Maps For iOS

The new Explore tab will display various places such as restaurants, cafes, and more, neatly organized under lists such as "best diners." From this tab, users can also get information about the weather, nearby ATMs, gas stations, pharmacies, or grocery stores. Popular photos of the area will also show up in this section of Google Maps, complete with a short overview to help users get an idea of what it's about.

The Driving tab, meanwhile, allows users to get real-time ETAs to home, work, or other saved places, and get real-time information on traffic conditions and potential delays on the route. Users can also set custom icons for their work or home.

Lastly, the Transit tab allows users to get quick information on commutes, public transit routes and schedules, and other such details. Setting addresses for home, work, or other frequently-visited places is not mandatory, but it helps improve the experience and get more relevant information.

The Google Maps apps for Android and iOS offer a slew of options and features, but Google has also launched a Maps Go beta app recently. Designed for lower-end devices with entry-level specifications, Google Maps Go is a lighter version of the app that offers basic features without requiring many resources. Google Maps Go, however, doesn't have all of the features of the full-fledged app.

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