Google Pay is now starting its global rollout, incorporating Android Pay and Google Wallet for a more comprehensive payment solution.

Google announced these plans last month and now, Google Pay is available on Google Play in multiple markets worldwide. Those who already have the Android Pay app don't have to do anything else. While on the Play Store the new app is called Google Pay, the existing app will still appear as Android Pay on the phones of those who have the app installed.

Google Pay Features And Benefits

Google touts that its new Google Pay offers easy and fast checkout, easy access to various offers and rewards, serving as the go-to solution for payment methods, passes, and purchases. Payments through Google Pay are fast, simple, and secure.

The company has bigger plans, and Google Pay is just a part of the picture. Google also plans to incorporate Google Pay in all of its products, aiming to deliver a simple checkout experience for customers regardless of whether they're making purchases via Google Assistant or Chrome, for instance. The process will be streamlined as customers will be able to use the cards on their Google Account across all Google Products.

Google further adds that it's also working with partners to bring Google Pay to sites, apps, and various stores worldwide. Moreover, Google Pay also works on transit in a few cities such as London, Kiev, and Portland, with more to be added soon.

Google Pay User Experience

The Home tab in Google Pay displays all necessary information at a glance. Users can see their recent purchases in this tab as well as access rewards, find stores, or get tips.

Google Pay's Cards tab, meanwhile, allows users to keep all their payment options and benefits neatly organized so they can easily find it at checkout. This tab will contain one's credit or debit cards, gift cards, offers, and loyalty programs.

Unifying Android Pay And Google Wallet

Google Wallet used to be a peer-to-peer payment service for people with a bank account or a debit card in the United States or the UK, and it worked on both Android and iOS. Android Pay, meanwhile, worked with Android phones for in-app, online, and retail purchases.

The new Google Pay aims to unify both Android Pay and Google Wallet, and it works in apps, online, in retail stores, and through P2P. At the same time, Google Pay also enables merchants to use the API to deliver an easier solution for online shoppers to submit their financial information at checkout.

P2P doesn't work just yet, but users in the UK and the United States will be able to send or request money in the following months. Google highlights that Google Pay is secure and will protect users' data.

"Like all Google products, Google Pay comes with strong security protections to safeguard your account and personal data from security threats. In other words, it's got your back," says Google.

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