Instant screenshot editing is now a built-in feature of the Google app, allowing users to immediately apply tweaks and then share images directly captured on Android mobile devices.

The mini editor is set to be released with version 7.21 of the Google application, which according to 9to5Google is currently in beta build. It remains unknown when the final cut will be made public but the feature is ready to test drive for anyone wanting to do so.

Since the new functions will be deployed as part of the Google app and not a feature bump for Android, it's important to note that screenshot editing and quick sharing can only be made inside of the application. The tool only works when the Google app is active or when viewing websites launched from the Feed section.

How It Works

To activate the feature, access the Google app Settings menu then scroll through the Accounts and Privacy section. Inside and down to the line of items listed, there is an option that says "Edit and share screenshots." Tapping on it will make the feature start on its works.

With the feature in active status, each time a screenshot is captured, a small menu panel will automatically slide from the bottom of the screen, offering to either share the image or perform some edits first. When the choice is to make changes, users can then proceed to crop and doodle, the latter for highlight effects, on their masterpiece and when done, simply tap on the center-located check mark.

The edited work will be saved and users will then be prompted to share the image. Take note that the option to edit and share following a screenshot capture can be bypassed from the start, which is done by swiping away or scrolling down the panel.

Feature Improvements

It's quite obvious that this latest Google app feature is still on infancy stage, indicating that there will be improvements to come in future versions. One possibility is that the function could be incorporated within the Android OS and when it happens, it will be available outside of the application, thus making for a more powerful screenshot editor.

Google heading to this direction is not entirely remote as Android's rival mobile platform, Apple's iOS, already offers the same capability with the iOS 11 rollout. In the iPhone and iPad counterpart, users can readily apply filters and edit works on captured screenshots outside of the Photo app because the feature is OS-integrated.

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