What Is Vero? 5 Reasons You Should And 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Join This New Social Network


Vero is a social network that just seemed to burst forth into the public consciousness overnight. Even though it was launched way back in 2015. It is currently trending and people on other social networks are talking about joining Vero, but what is known about it.

Based on the information that's known about the social network, will people make the jump to Vero?

What Is Vero?

Vero is a social network that has been recently been gaining popularity. It's been around since 2015 and is owned by billionaire Ayman Hariri, Motaz Nabulsi, and Scott Birnbaum. In the social network's manifesto, it proclaims to have created something more "authentic."

On the same page, its clarifies its business model which will be ad-free but subscription based, unlike all the other social networks which thrive based on ads. It also tells users what it does with the information that users give the apps such as phone numbers and emails. 

Vero has many features that are different from popular social networks but will it be able to retain a user base, and not go the way of previous networks such as Google Plus?

5 Reasons To Join Vero

  1. No Algorithm: When Facebook and then Instagram made the switch from using chronological timelines to algorithm-based timelines people went mad. Instead of viewing posts when they were posted, an algorithm decided what posts users wanted to see more of. This could be tiring when people just want to see what their friends were up to.

  2. No Ads: There was a time when social networks didn't feature ads in content. Ads were always there though, think back to the time when Myspace became completely cluttered with them. Instagram introduced ads not too long ago but even some of the real posts are paid content.

  3. Chronological Posts: Following the lack of an algorithm that picks what content users should see, a return to chronological posts lets users see their friend's posts. There was a time when people could see what was happening, without having to check the date and time of the post.

  4. Categorizing Connections: While users can be those that add everyone they meet or just close friends, Vero allows people to categorize those connections. Users can label people a "close friend," "friend," "acquaintance," or "follower."

  5. No Fake News: Facebook and Twitter are dealing with a backlash due to the influence of fake news. People aren't sharing political articles on the social network.

5 Reasons Not To Join Vero

  1. Paid Subscription: The main pull for people joining Vero at the moment is that it will begin charging people a subscription fee after it gets to a million users. There is a host of other more popular and a free social networks.

  2. Low Number Of Users: Vero is still a growing social network. The user will not be able to find a large number of their friends on the social network. They'll probably have invited their friends to join them on Vero.

  3. Rebuilding Friend List: Moving to a new social network is tough. Just like inviting friends to join the new social network, users will have to revamp their friend's list for Vero. Some people will opt to stay on other social networks.

  4. Outages: Due to the increase in traffic that Vero experienced as people rushed to sign-up it went down. Vero couldn't handle the surge in traffic and had to apologize for being down.

  5. Its Future Is Uncertain: Facebook competitors have been trying to knock the social network down for ages. There is a reason why it is on top. Until Vero's future is certain it's better not to completely abandon the established social networks to join Vero.

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