For those who are struggling with their vocabulary, Google's new Word Coach is bringing learning directly to the search results screen just like a game.

The developer integrates the new feature to the Google translate and dictionary boxes, and populates right after a search is done. It appears to be intended for users from non-English speaking countries presumably based on their IP address. This is another big improvement for the company, which continues to enhance the search platform regularly.

Enhancing How People Search

Over the years, users have noted that the company continues to make the platform interesting via small tweaks every once in a while. For example, the Google homepage sometimes changes the company logo to reflect a something relevant happening on a particular day.

Likewise, depending on the user's country or territory, local festivals or events are highlighted by the search page. Moreover, it usually includes a small trivia, which gives it a worthwhile value to click and interact.

Easter eggs include the offline T-rex dino game and special search strings that trigger games as well as other cool stuff. Word Coach looks like a welcome addition to help users with the English vocabulary.

How To Access The 'Word Coach'

During a word search on Google, the following results page already includes details like a separate search box, history, and autocomplete. Now, the Word Coach populates just below the dictionary card with a short five-question quiz related to the original word searched by the user. The succeeding questions expand a little further based on the other words.

The vocabulary game can be launched manually via the search string "Google word coach" or "word coach" keyed into the search bar. The quizzes are apparently a mix of antonyms and synonyms with images included on some occasions.

Users always have two answers to choose from and a scorecard that comes up after completion. The next round button continues to another test.

Even native English speakers can enhance their knowledge as the difficulty spikes up the user levels up with correct answers.

 Availability And Future Updates

"Google Word Coach is a game designed to help expand English-language vocabulary in a fun and engaging way," says the company spokesperson. "It appears under our dictionary and translate boxes or when someone searches for "Google Word Coach."

"It launched this month in non-English speaking countries and also in India. It may come to other countries and languages in the future," adds the spokesperson.

The statement hints that the vocabulary enhancement game might be expanded to other languages later. This seems helpful if it can allow users to learn different languages that interest them.

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