Android fans are apparently excited after several reports claimed that the next operating system update will include an integrated dark mode option from Google.

Reports confirmed that fans requested the feature from the developer for a while now but was never implemented. Sources indicated that a company insider posted details about the upcoming function on the search firm's issue tracker forums. Users noted that apps like Twitter and YouTube have built-in options to tweak the theme from light to dark. Unfortunately, it seems that the news was taken out of context and the feature might not be on its way at all.

Misunderstood Information

The original post was intended as a request to have android developers include an option to toggle between a lighter and darker theme. For a while now, manufacturers and users know that OLED technology allows the device to last longer with black background themes activated. Therefore, Android users want a first-party option to toggle between different themes because the only way possible as of now is via third-party apps.

"Our engineering team has added this feature. It will be available in a future Android release," wrote a developer in response to the post. This was later revisited by a Google rep to explain what the team meant about the response.

Clearing The Confusion

The Google Engineer that reportedly confirmed the availability of the dark mode option offered an explanation. According to the employee, Android 9.0 will not introduce a toggle for users, but it was intended for app developers in test how their applications would look like in dark mode and in regular settings.

Furthermore, the team clarified that the option was already integrated within Android since Froyo. However, it was always intended to be used by Android developers only. Despite the disappointment caused by the post, the hype it generated could push the company to finally include a proper toggle in a future update for the mobile operating system.

Changing How Messages Work

With the confirmation that dark mode is not due to make an appearance soon, Google was recently in the news due to their announcement regarding RCS (Rich Communication Services) platform. The company revealed its intention to push for the adoption of the new platform intended for the default Android Messages application. The new option will allow users to experience a multimedia-rich and interactive messaging service akin to Apple's iMessage.

The company confirmed that several manufacturers and network service providers forged an agreement with Google. This was in order to ensure that the available infrastructure will seamlessly support the new platform when it eventually launches worldwide. Tests will be conducted soon with Mexico and North America as the first two to put it through its paces.

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