Chinese Man Going Through Heart Attack Gets Help By Throwing Money


A man in China who was having a heart attack was able to get help by throwing some cash before falling to the ground.

The middle-aged man was reportedly struggling to reach for his medicine before collapsing. 

Heart Attack

The man -- of whom only the last name, Li, was revealed -- was about to buy a ticket at a train station in Shijiazhuang, China, before collapsing outside the main entrance, according to Hebei Youth Daily

The man was reportedly supposed to visit his sick mother in the city of Qinhuangdao on Saturday, Feb. 24. While running to buy the ticket, Li began to feel an extreme pain in his chest.

Li had undergone heart stent surgery previously.

After collapsing, Li began coughing blood. He struggled to open a bottle of pills with his right hand but could not manage to open it. He was having a hard time trying to ask for help. Acting quickly, he threw the money that he was still holding with his left hand to catch the attention of anyone who could help him.

A police officer noticed Li on the ground and went to see what was happening to him. The officer stated that when he first approached Li, he thought that he might've been drunk. As he got closer, he noticed that something was seriously wrong with Li.

The officer noticed Li's bleeding and immediately gave him pills from the bottle, which seemed to ease up the condition that the man was suffering from. He then called medical staff, who arrived with another officer, to check on Li until they could let him go safely. They made sure that his blood pressure had gone back to normal and that he had recovered.

Heart Stents

Li told authorities that he has had two surgeries already for his heart disease. Li had the heart stent implanted in 2017. A heart stent is used to prop open blocked arteries. It is a tiny wire mesh tube that keeps arteries open and blood flowing. Narrowing of coronary arteries is caused by fatty deposits that reduce blood flow.

Chest pain can occur when blood flow to the heart is low. When blood flow completely stops due to a blood clot forming, this can lead to a heart attack. Heart stents reduce the chance of a heart attack.

One in every four Americans dies of heart disease every year. 

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