The Light Phone is back with the aptly named Light Phone 2, adding a few new features but maintaining its purpose of functioning as the "anti-smartphone."

The issue of smartphone addiction has become so bad that earlier this year, a pair of its investors actually urged Apple to do something about it. For those who want to cure themselves of smartphone addition, the Light Phone 2 will be a good start.

What Is The Light Phone 2?

The Light Phone 2 is described in its Indiegogo crowdfunding page, as "a phone that actually respects you." It is a 4G LTE device that comes with a black-and-white matte display, two physical buttons on the right side to navigate menus, and just enough features to make it functional but without all the distractions found in modern smartphones.

While the original Light Phone came with an illuminated 10-digit number pad, the Light Phone 2 will have an E-Ink touchscreen that enables an on-screen keyboard. The keyboard is an important addition because it adds messaging features to the Light Phone 2, compared to the Light Phone which only worked with calls. The Light Phone 2 will also have a Contacts list, an alarm clock, and an auto-reply feature.

The creators of the Light Phone 2 are also considering additional features such as a partnership with a ride-hailing app, basic directions, weather forecasts, a calculator, a dictionary, and music playlists. The Light Phone 2, however, will definitely not have email, news, advertising, or social media.

The Light Phone 2 has already reached its goal of $250,000 despite there being 24 days left in the crowdfunding campaign. Interested customers may preorder the Light Phone 2 for $250, a pair for $450, four units for $850, or 10 units for $2,000.

Backers who are excited for the Light Phone 2 will have to wait a while though. The anti-smartphone will not be released until over a year from now, with an estimated delivery date of April 2019.

The Smartphone Addiction Problem

The massive growth of the smartphone industry has resulted in a new problem in modern society: smartphone addiction.

Researchers have found evidence that smartphone addiction may lead to chemical imbalance in the brain, with a ratio that is significantly correlated to other forms of addiction, anxiety, and depression. Smartphone addiction has also been associated with teenage unhappiness, particularly due to exposure to social media.

The Light Phone 2 might not completely solve the smartphone addiction problem, but it at least proves that people are now starting to pay attention to the issue.

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