Updated reports are most likely going to disappoint everyone who speculated the reveal of the Nvidia GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 at GTC or GDC.

The two events scheduled for this month reportedly generated rumors that the graphics card manufacturer might reveal its newest products. Fans apparently got excited over the news that the brand intends to upgrade its Pascal architecture catalog with something new. The current-generation lineup, otherwise known as the 10 series, looks like it is here to stay a while longer for the meantime.

Rumors Shot Down

Previously, news circulated that the company might reveal something new during the Games Developers Conference or at its own Graphics Technology Conference. Sources armed with insider information confirmed that the company is not in a rush to announce its next-generation hardware just yet. Instead, there are talks that a small preview of what's in store for the future might be presented during the aforementioned events.

Codename Supposedly Revealed

Now that expectations have been established pertaining to Nvidia's rumored announcements. New information gathered from different sources all indicate that its next architecture codename will be Turing. It is also likely that the upgraded products will push the naming to 20 series.

Furthermore, the gathered details suggest that the official reveal for the speculated GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 has been pushed back a little bit to July. Market analysts have noted that AMD, the company's competitor, has not hinted any plans to upgrade its Vega series anytime soon. It looks like both are quite content with profits, as demand for GPUs is at an all-time high due to cryptocurrencies.

The recent upsurge of sales for graphics cards is mostly credited to the increased demand for cryptocurrency mining. Although consumers who intend to purchase GPUs voiced their complaints regarding the alleged overpricing due to the mining craze, Nvidia and AMD have yet to take action to regulate the supply and availability of its products.

Estimated Timeline

Before Nvidia officially unveils the GTX 2080 or GTX 2070 later this year, the company needs to supply the specifications to its partners. Board development to accommodate the new Turing architecture must be done ahead of time to test everything for compatibility.

Motherboard manufacturers are supposedly scheduled to receive the documents this May, which is a little too close to the estimated timeline of a July reveal. Moreover, sources likewise share that the new graphics cards will start mass production sometime in June.

Taking into account all the details gathered so far, it is possible that the official debut might happen during Gamescom in August.

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