As expected, Samsung officially announced and revealed the Galaxy S9 and S9+ during the MWC 2018. Shortly after, Apple's newly posted ads target Android users.

The Cupertino-based firm reportedly did not have anything new to show at the event as it already launched the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X last year. However, during the world's largest gathering for the mobile industry. Apple's staunch rival took the spotlight with its new flagship models.

As for LG, previous reports suggest that its premium lineup will be absent during the show. Instead, it will showcase some models from its entry-level to a midrange catalog.

Taken By Surprise

When the said ads came out, Apple's approach reportedly surprised industry analysts. Some claim that the move is uncharacteristic of the company.

Apparently, this is the second time promotional materials for the iPhone hinted at a comparison with the competitor's products. Furthermore, the timing seems suspicious as its biggest rival revealed its flagship phones.

Some sources suspect that the company might have been threatened by Samsung's new offering. In the past, there were recorded instances wherein iOS users were influenced to abandon the platform in favor of Android smartphones from multiple brands. To sum it up, Android manufacturers normally promote their products with a comparison to the latest iPhone model.

Now, it looks like Apple followed suit and took jabs at its competitors to establish the benefits of making the switch from Android to iPhone.

Different Aspects, Different Ads

Instead of a single clip, Apple decided to split its ad campaign into several snippets, highlighting iPhone's advantages over its competition. The videos might seem familiar to some as the company previously released another set of commercials last year. The advantages highlighted by the older ads include the supposed ease of use when it comes to music and photos and in terms of privacy.

The latest bunch of videos seem to imply that Android phones are not environmentally safe. One suggests that iOS is more secure than Google's platform, plus a better customer support service. Finally, it claims that it is effortless to make the switch to iPhone.

Sales Experts Chime In

Apple's approach shows that the company has become aggressive in its crusade to entice Android users to abandon Google's bandwagon.

However, retailers and experienced sales representatives understand the challenges involved. They noted that it is very difficult to convince a consumer to switch to another platform. Users would rather opt to upgrade to a newer product that runs on the same operating system.

Seemingly, with the recent news that the iPhone X has a lower number of sales number than expected, it is understandable why Apple would tweak its ad campaign approach to adapt to the market.

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