Those who've been searching far and wide for iPhone X discounts may look over to Sprint's new Flex Lease offer, which puts Apple's most expensive flagship to date at 50 percent less than its $1,000 asking price.

Customers who sign up for the 18-month lease program would only have to pay $20 on a monthly basis to get a standard iPhone X model. In typical lease programs, it usually costs $41.67.

Sprint iPhone X Deals Comes With Major Caveat

But here's the catch. It really is a "lease" program in that after a customer completes 18 months of payments, Sprint will ask them if they intend to trade it back for a new model or keep the phone, at which point they're required to pay for the full price. Simply put, they don't really end up owning the phone once the program ends, and the iPhone X isn't technically half the price. Surprise, surprise.

But Sprint claims its offer puts the iPhone X at its lowest price among carriers to date, but whether that's true depends on how you look at the terms of the Flex deal. People who upgrade phones regularly might not be bothered by getting a new one by the time the program ends, which means the lease is perfect for their needs.

Apple iPhone X

The deal is available on Sprint and Best Buy. Keep in mind that the offer is only good for new Sprint customers or those planning to add a new line. Make sure you're well versed in the structure and rules of Sprint's Flex lease program before jumping headfirst.

The iPhone X is currently one of the hottest smartphones in the market, with the significant hype buoyed by its highly impressive facial recognition features called Face ID, and the new nearly bezel-less OLED display. Perhaps its wide notch at the top is its most significant aesthetic element, seen initially as a baffling design decision yet slowly being copied by smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Asus. Indeed, the flagship represents a radical change in the way iPhones look, and Apple is planning to release much bigger iPhone X models if rumors are to be believed.

It also helps that the iPhone X apparently features the best camera on a smartphone, at least according to Consumer Reports. When it comes to DxOMark, however, the just-unveiled Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus steals that honor.

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