Google Search Arrives On iMessage To Help Users Get Things Done


Google has updated its Search app for iOS to help users feel more productive.

The latest update supports an iMessage extension —allowing users to browse the web, in addition to sharing search results in messages with family members and friends.

Google Search Arrives On iMessage

To get started with Google's new Search extension, users should simply open iMessage, tap on the iMessage apps drawer, and then select Google app icon.

From there, users can search for nearby restaurants and shops, movie times, trending news, videos, and weather updates, without having to leave a conversation.

For example, if users are making lunch or dinner plans with colleagues or friends, they can tap the food icon and share their favorite restaurants, or add restaurant cards into the conversation. Restaurant cards provide the times restaurants are busiest the most, as well as menus and reviews.

Those who are excited about meeting up for social gatherings can add fun GIFS to the message, as the latest updated added GIF Search Mode.

By tapping weather, users can get current weather forecasts along with weather predictions for the next week.

GIF Search Mode

Google's new GIF Search Mode allows users to browse through GIFs from popular sites like Giphy and Tenor. The GIF Search Mode can be found by tapping the GIF button located in the right-hand corner of the search box.

Simply tap on a GIF and it will automatically be added to existing or new messages.

Related Suggestions In Safari

In addition to Google's new iMessage extension, the company announced related suggestions in Safari.

When sharing a webpage from Google, users can preview a list of suggestions for related content so they can learn something new. Users also don't have to type anything into the search box.

"Reading up on how to grill fish? With two taps, you can jump straight to tips for keeping fish from sticking to the grill, info on the best fish for grilling, or delicious recipes. Simply tap on the Search Google icon from the share menu to start exploring," said Khanh Le, Product Manager at Google in a blog post.

This isn't the first time Google released an extension for iPhones and iPads. The company added one for Google Keep back in 2015. It launched the extension in hopes of inspiring Google Keep users to write down their thoughts as they're browsing the web on their phone.

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