Meet Loomo, a mini-transporter and robot sidekick that aims to take on the traditional Segway. Loomo was designed to ride as a Segway self-balancing vehicle or transform into a mini robot that auto-follows, capture video, and shoot photos. 

"We really wanted to create the world's first truly mobile personal robot that can accompany us everywhere we go," Loomo's spokesperson, Adam Bao, told Tech Times.

Getting Started With Loomo

Loomo's eye acts as a front-facing HD camera which has the ability to recognize the world. Through various postures, Loomo is able to understand how to act based on listening to voice commands from its owner.

Getting started with Loomo is quite easy. Users can shout voice commands such "OK, Loomo, Let's go," and the robot will autonomously follow users wherever they go, without looking back. Loomo can also respond to "Loomo, take a Photo," or "Loomo, take a Video."  

The robot can capture everything from single photos or group shots, in addition to capturing video from a unique point of view, making it the perfect companion to take on adventures with family members and friends.

For example, when it comes to group photos it can be challenging to get everyone to smile, however, Loomo's lovable nature and lighthearted expressions will help cheer and impress everyone in the photoshoot. By downloading a mobile app, iOS and Android users can see from the robot's point of view and ensure high-quality photos and videos are taken.

Strong motors and a decent battery allows the robot to travel up to 11 MPH, and to a distance of 22 miles.

While most traditional Segways can handle riders who weigh between 100 and 250 pounds. With Loomo, the mini transporter is designed to accommodate riders weighing 55 to 220 pounds. Unfortunately, Loomo isn't designed to accommodate riders outside of the specified weight range. 

Anti-slip tires help when traveling on a pavement and other paved or smooth surfaces. The company highly recommends to not use Loomo in bad weather conditions, such as rain, snow, or ice. 

Developed by Segway Robotics, the company plans to add new voice commands and gestures down the road and has made the Android SDK available to developers interested in building their own skills. In fact, even those who aren't too familiar with programming can learn how to build new skills, especially with a drag-and-drop interface which is being released this summer. 

Loomo's retail price is $1,799, but early backers get a special price of $1,299 via Indiegogo. The company is expected to ship the mini robot to consumers by May, 

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