iPhone cases protect the devices and make them look better, but this one lets owners play with the Nintendo Game Boy at the back of their smartphones.

Nintendo launched the original Game Boy in 1989, but nearly 30 years after, gamers still have fond memories of the handheld console.

For iPhone owners who want to have another shot at beating their personal Tetris high score, they might want to check out this case.

Game Boy Case For iPhones

Wanle Cases is offering its Game Boy case for iPhones with a special sale price of $24.95, compared to its regular price of $79.95. However, the iPhone case has limited stocks, and the sale price will be coming to an end soon. Presumably, the $79.95 price will kick in as soon as the current stocks run out or the sales period ends, whichever comes first.

The Game Boy case is compatible with iPhones starting from the iPhone 6 until the iPhone X. Powered by a button cell battery, the case simply snaps to the back of the iPhone, without covering any of the smartphone's buttons or ports.

There are 10 playable games with the Game Boy case, including Tetris, Snake, Block, Formula One Racing, and Tank. It is unclear, however, if it is possible to install more Game Boy titles to the case.

Should You Buy The Game Boy Case?

The Game Boy case by Wanle Cases, with its hard plastic and slightly raised buttons, doubles as a protective layer for the back of the iPhone. Playing the Game Boy is also great time waster during situations such as commutes stuck in traffic and long queues.

However, the Game Boy case comes with a few caveats. A review on the Wanle Cases website calls out the material of the product, while another claims that the buttons sometimes do not work as intended. In addition, clumsy iPhone owners might not want to have another screen that they can crack or scratch.

Interested buyers who are still deciding whether or not to buy the Game Boy case will have to hurry. Stocks are quickly running out, and the sales period is also drawing to a close soon.

There are other products that offer the Game Boy experience to customers, such as the Super Retro Boy that was unveiled at CES 2017.

Meanwhile, at CES 2018, Hyperkin revealed that it will be remaking the Game Boy with new features such as an aluminum body, a backlight, and a rechargeable battery.

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