Dark Souls Streamer Makes History By Beating The Trilogy Without Getting Hit


Gamers know that the Dark Souls series is intentionally quite challenging. A streamer becomes the first to complete the trilogy without getting hit by enemies.

The gaming community acknowledged the franchise's difficulty to the point that anything deemed too challenging is immediately compared to it. Thus, it is reasonably awe-inspiring to plow through each game with nary a scratch.

Moreover, his accomplishment is notable since it is allegedly the first time that anyone was able to do so.

The Training It Takes

A streamer called "The_Happy_Job" completed the feat and he only took more than a year to achieve it. Reports claim that he made another attempt the previous month and almost reached his goal, but unfortunately took damage and died from the last boss.

Before this final attempt that completed his quest, he played the games in ascending order, from Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2, and Dark Souls 3.  However, he switched it to reverse order and found success.

The Small Details

As the streamer finished his Dark Souls run minus getting hit, a few unavoidable rules have been in place. His avatar must avoid all enemy attacks, but could receive damage from certain actions. The endeavor should also be completed without any glitch or magic.

In addition, there were times during the attempt in which he intentionally took fall damage to power the Red Tearstone Ring. The accessory notably boosts the character's damage output during low health situations.

There was also a point in the game during the battle with Seath that his avatar died. It was the only exception, being a scripted death in the story that is reportedly unavoidable without the help of glitches.

The footage clearly shows how well he prepared for the task.The parry and riposte mechanic featured in the series requires amazing concentration as players have to recognize the enemy's attack animation. The reach and windup time of each attack must also be taken into consideration in order to time everything correctly.

Other Notable Completion Attempts

Another impressive take on beating the action RPG series is the use of different input methods other than the standard controller. The games are already a challenge with a proper controller, but some players opt to challenge themselves even further.

In 2016, a Canadian gamer completed the PC version of the game using different accessories that offer a non-standard controller layout. Benjamin "bearzly" Gwin used a Donkey Konga bongo drums, voice control (via microphone), Dancepad, Nintendo Wiimote, steering wheel, Rock Band drums, Rock Band piano, Rock Band guitar, and more.

Along with the no-hit run for Dark Souls, these attempts are surely in the record books.

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