Xbox One To Get Auto Low Latency Mode, AMD Freesync Support: What This Means For You


New details about Microsoft's spring update reportedly include AMD Freesync support for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X and auto game mode switching.

The new patch will apparently upgrade the game systems to further improve its visual quality when paired with gaming monitors. This is in addition to the 1440p support and interactive elements for Mixer, brands Twitch competitor. Not only will compatible monitors be able to match its refresh rate with the consoles, but it will maximize the use of the native QHD resolution of the display albeit with less priority for 4K visuals.

Gaming-Ready TVs

Another inclusion of the spring update is the automatic support for televisions with game mode settings. This feature is detected via the HDMI port of both devices and switches to the appropriate display mode that benefits the application being used.

The feature is quite handy for users who do not use their game system exclusively for gaming only. Once media apps like Netflix are launched, the system disables game mode. Once users play a game, the console will reactivate the low-latency settings of the TV.

A Smooth Gaming Experience

According to Microsoft, the AMD Freesync support will remove the screen tearing and stuttering, which is sometimes brought about by the difference in refresh rates. For now, the technology is widely available on gaming monitors only with alongside a few selected TV models.

Auto Low Latency Mode is expected to launch a little later this year, which is understandable given the small number of TVs that currently support the upcoming feature. These are only available for the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, which means the original model is unfortunately n

Other Updates From Microsoft

More features that will be included in the spring update include a "Share to Twitter" option. Users can quickly post screenshots or videos on their social media feed and media library. Hashtags will likewise be suggested with reference to the title of the game being played.

Microsoft also reveals that the Edge browser will be updated to look and feel like the one on Windows 10 computers. Access to the local and attached storage allows users to upload and download files like videos and pictures, images found online can be set as the console's custom background.

To further enhance the Xbox One S and Xbox One X gameplay experience, Mixer will reportedly get a Share Controller feature. Much like Sony's Share Play option, streamers can opt to let viewers take over and control the game remotely.

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