The preview build of Android P flaunts several new features that appear quite useful. Sadly, it might not support some of the older apps.

Unlike Google, Apple regularly reviews its online store to verify and remove applications that no longer support its newest operating system versions. The former looks like it plans to follow suit and clear out its inventory of apps that have not been updated by its developers.

Reports claim that once the latest mobile operating system is updated to P, Play Store items should meet the strict API that requires compatibility with no more than one year from the most current version.

Further Confirmation Needed

Based on the above-stated conditions, it means that all programs in the Google Play Store must be compatible with Android Oreo. Yet, the company did not outright specify the actual minimum it could permit for applications.

A preview build of the latest software development kit meant for the new OS apparently lists apps not older than Android Jellybean 4.2. The information has yet to be officially confirmed by the team tasked with the P's development.

Reason Behind The Restrictions

The decision to render older apps that do not meet the requirements for Android P is to reduce the possibility of performance problems. Some older versions of the programs might not be equipped to handle the security parameters in place for the latest operating system.

As a result, it could cause users to experience issues not intended in the first place or even open their devices to outside threats that could circumvent older security protocols included with the archaic software.

The official developer documentation states that "applications targeting lower values will fail to install and run." Sources believe, however, that the latest platform version could just generate a warning notification about the possible problems it could bring to the user experience.

Google has yet to issue an official statement to address some of the questions users might have with Android P. Even though most users are already on the latest operating systems, there might be some who are stuck with older versions of the OS. Therefore, users should be aware of what will happen if they make the jump to the newest version.

Stepping Forward

Android still lags behind Apple when it comes to timely software updates. Due to the different manufacturers and its respective requirements, smartphones on Google's system cannot receive updates on the same day except for some models.

The developer build of the new OS is currently available for the Pixel series and other brands that opt to keep their factory-unlocked units updated will get it as soon as it's available. Android P will reportedly get is public release later this year.

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