TCL is planning on entering the market for High Dynamic Range (HDR)-ready televisions with its 6-Series models coming with Roku and Dolby Vision on board.

Consumers might not immediately think of the brand if they plan to upgrade their home entertainment system, but its affordability might make them take a second look at what it is capable of. Analysts are aware that the biggest brands synonymous with televisions are Samsung, LG, and Sony, but buyers might want to wait a little bit until May 1, when the units eventually hit retailers.

Getting Better Each Time

The new TVs are intended to replace last year's P-Series and will be available in two sizes. The manufacturer was not able to provide the retail price of the 65-inch model, but the small 55-inch variant will supposedly carry the same price tag as its counterpart from the previous generation, which is around $650.

It is likewise noticed that the design team went with a premium approach and gave the new units brushed metal finishes, which adds a hint of stylishness not usually found on budget-friendly televisions. Industry experts note that the brand continually improves what they offer each time they refresh their hardware.

Changes Made For 2018

According to TCL, the 6-Series received some upgrades from its predecessor. The overall number of full-array dimming zones has been increased. The 55-inch option is paired with 96, while the 65-inch model comes with 120, which is higher than the 72 of the older P-Series.

Those who love to see more accurate color reproduction on their TVs will appreciate the results of the above-mentioned changes, which presumably generates deeper black colors on the screen. Furthermore, the company claims that the 2018 models have higher peak brightness settings than last year's offerings.

With a Roku's software preinstalled, users can maximize their entertainment needs with online connectivity. Users can opt to use its Ethernet port or go wireless, which somehow gives them more options on how they can hook up their device. Pair that with Dolby Vision visual enhancement technology, and users will benefit from its automatic adjustments based on what is being shown on the TV.

Bells And Whistles

Looking at the information TCL is providing from its press release, the 6-series is seemingly shaping up as a contender for 2018's affordable HDR-ready TVs. The listed details such as HDR and Roku appear to meet a lot of what the consumer wants in a television. Expect to learn more about the products soon as its May 1 release date nears.

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