Starbucks Launches Crystal Ball Frappuccino: What's In This Limited-Edition Drink?


The rumors are true. Starbucks has dropped its latest viral concoction called the Crystal Ball Frappuccino, which is loaded with both magic and sugar.

On March 22, the company finally announced this limited-edition drink after its mystical existence has been rumored across social media. That evening, Starbucks Rewards cardholders received e-mails officially confirming the availability of the colorful drink.

The cream-based beverage will be on the menu in the United States, Canada, and Mexico from March 22 through March 26. It comes in three colors: purple, green, or blue.

Starbucks has some high expectations for the Crystal Ball Frappuccino. It's supposed to follow in the footsteps of the chain's trending masterpiece, the color-changing Unicorn Frappuccino that was released April 2017.

At this point, the drink's future is still a little murky. Although customers aren't so enthusiastic about the flavor, it's been making waves on Instagram.

What's In The Crystal Ball Frappuccino?

Starbucks describes the new drink as a "mystical, swirling peach infusion topped with peach flavored whipped cream, turquoise sprinkles and one of three different candy gems that reveal your fortune."

A report states that a green gem drizzle is supposed to bring good luck, the blue ones signal an upcoming adventure, and purple foretells wonder and enchantment in the future.

What's so mysterious about the Crystal Ball Frappuccino is that customers are not allowed to order their preferred color. In fact, Starbucks claims its baristas have no idea which of the three available colors will be served as it's the drink that "chooses you."

Each serving of the beverage contains 380 calories, 16 grams of fat, and 55 grams of sugar. It's basically a mix of water, apples, licorice root, rose hips, hibiscus, orange peels, lemon verbena, chamomile, lavender, and various other natural flavors.

Reviews On The New Starbucks Limited Edition Drink

This explosion of ingredients make the Crystal Ball Frappuccino sound interesting but reviewers aren't so impressed by its flavor.

According to a report, it initially tastes like "syrupy peach" but the notes that follow seem unrecognizable. The reviewer compares the experience with translating a code, with the task becoming harder to accomplish as one's blood sugar level suddenly spikes.

Furthermore, the same report points out that it appears as though Starbucks is making drinks that appeal more to the camera than to a customer's palate.

Another report comments particularly on the beverage's high sugar content, which comes with a crash that is scarier than several Halloweens combined.

Aside from concocting "viral drinks" such as the Unicorn and Crystal Ball Frappuccinos, Starbucks has also recently modified its Mobile-Order-and-Pay facility to allow non-Starbucks Rewards cardholders to use the service.

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