Google App version 7.24 is now in the beta channel, which allows a peek into what the next update will bring.

Tearing down the APK, fans discovered that the coming update will expand the Routines feature.

Google Assistant Custom Routines

Google Assistant's Routines feature, which was launched on March 13 with version 7.23, allows users to perform a variety of actions with a single voice command. It came with six preset commands, with the Good Morning routine being the first to go live.

The APK Teardown reveals that Google is planning to take it a step further and allow users to create their own routines.

"Have your Assistant do multiple things with just one command. Use ready-made routines you adjust to fit your day, and create custom ones from scratch," the updated app description reads.

When version 7.24 rolls out, users will be able to choose popular actions, add media, set volume, and enter a Google Assistant command.

Google Assistant Current Routines

Apart from the Good Morning routine, users can adjust five more Routines called Bedtime, Leaving home, I'm home, Commuting to Work, Commuting Home. These can be triggered with specific voice commands, with the last two only accessible through the user's phone.

Each command is sensitive to a user's voice, so multiple family members can adjust their own Routine in one Google Home device.

For example, saying "Hey Google, good morning" triggers the device to turn off silent mode, turn on the thermostat, tell the user about the weather, adjust the volume, or more. Then, the device can play music, read the news, turn on the radio, play the podcast or audiobook, or do nothing at all.

Version 7.24 New Features

The APK Teardown also revealed a new feature that will allow users to pin sports matches and scores. Users will then be able to follow updates on scores even while using other apps. Called "Pinned Matches," the feature will have to first request for permission to draw over other apps.

Google also looks to be expanding upon the Pixel Buds' new features and gestures. There are codes hinting that users will be able to do the double tap gesture to perform another action than spoken notifications and then the triple tap gesture for manual power control.

The next update should also include a few tweaks to the search field and toolbar and to the quick search bar in the Pixel Launcher. The Google App will also soon allow the users to Report Abuse Activity.

Note that these are just interpretations of the codes within the APKs. There's a possibility that these will not carry over to the next update, or they may not be 100 percent accurate. It's yet unknown when version 7.24 will be released.

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