Archeologists at Sydney University were shocked to discover that there was a mummy in a coffin that was thought to be empty for the last 150 years.

They used the latest technology to find out that there was a mummy in the coffin.

Formerly Empty Coffin

Researchers were surprised to find a mummy that had been stored in the coffin for 2,500 years. Lead researchers Dr. Jamie Fraser said that the team will have to investigate who was the person that was buried inside of the coffin 2,500 years ago.

The person doesn't resemble the traditional look of a mummy. Because of the amount of time that has passed, the mummy hasn't been preserved well. The remains were heavily disturbed inside the coffin, and a photo shows that the mummy isn't whole. It shows a piece of the mummy that is believed to be its feet.

Hieroglyphics from the coffin show that the person that is supposed to be in there is a priestess named Mer-Neith-it-es. ABC points out that some of these ancient coffins do not feature the person that was originally intended to be buried in them.

Researchers used the remains to learn more about the person that was buried in the coffin.

Mummy Findings

Using the remains of the mummy, researchers laser-scanned them to create 3D models, and also sent them for a detailed CT scan. Scans show that the remains were that of an adult person. They were able to see that the joints in the bones indicated that it is a person over the age of 30.

The most intact portions of the mummy were the feet and ankle bones. Scientists are hoping to be able to find toenails in the mummy which would allow them to carbon date the remains.

Another finding in the mummy was the resin poured into its skull after the brain was removed. Researchers also note that the cast is similar to Tutankhamun, which is something that hasn't been found before.

Scientists say that the condition of the mummy is due to the heavy looting that occurred before the mummy was taken to the university. Egyptologist Connie Lord hopes that by learning more about the mummy, that the research team will be able to give the person's remains some dignity.

Further work will have to be done on the mummy to properly determine who the remains belonged to.

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