Vaginal Mesh Leaves Australian Women With Rotting Pelvises And Other Complications


Vaginal mesh in Australia has been found to be used as a routine procedure instead of a last resort. Many women were having issues with the vaginal mesh, and the Australian senate found that this procedure was being used without properly informing the women about the issues that may arise.

The government stepped in after hearing complaints of many women who had a vaginal mesh implanted.

Australian Senate Report

The Senate Community Affairs References Inquiries released a report after investigating the vaginal mesh implants. Hundreds of women wrote to the senate to complain about the pain that they were experiencing after having the mesh implanted. The complaints include not being able to sit, not being able to walk, and puncturing their partner during sexual intercourse with the mesh implant.

In the report, the senate advised that the mesh implant should only be used as a last resort treatment for women. It also noted that there was concern as to whether or not health professionals had informed patients about the outcomes of using transvaginal mesh. The report also recommended that there be an improved awareness of the reporting system.

Other recommendations issued by the report include setting up a national register to be able to track all the implants, more surgical training so the devices are removed, and establishing specialist counseling programs to assist women who have sustained injuries.

Debilitating Side Effects

Transvaginal mesh implants can be a quick procedure to fix common complications from childbirth or menopause. Even though it can be quick, it also carries a list of complications as well. This ranges from organ perforation, infection, hemorrhage, to sexual dysfunction.

Around half of women ages 50 to 79 can have pelvic prolapse. This comes a results of the pelvic floor getting too stretched and not being able to support the bladder, rectum, and uterus.

There were no statistics kept on vaginal mesh, so the Health Issues Centre in Australia began a survey. In April 2017, it began on Facebook, asking for women's stories regarding the vaginal mesh. It heard from 2,500 women in six weeks. HIC said that it heard horror stories regarding the mesh.

Women who provided testimony for the inquiry told the Australian senate that the mesh that was installed left them with severe, chronic pain, made them unable to have sex, and caused them to have infections.

In November 2017, authorities in Australia banned vaginal mesh implants for use in pelvic organ prolapse. The UK government previous looked into the issue of banning surgical mesh.

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