Valpak Is Giving Away $100 Checks To Random Mailboxes With No Strings Attached


There could be a free $100 check in someone's mailbox any time now, with no strings attached along with Valpak's retail coupon packs.

The promo has been going on for three years where Valpak signs three $100 checks and then tucks it in coupon envelopes that they send to customers.

Valpak gives away $100 check for every 50,000 coupon packs sent worldwide. It means that hundreds of lucky individuals can get their $100 check since there are 39 million envelopes sent out each month.

In a press release published on its website, Valpak said that recipients of the checks need not pay or purchase anything as the checks are meant to be cashed out. Recipients from Canada will receive a voucher instead of checks that can be exchanged for $100 cash.

The promo is part of Valpak's loyalty program to reward customers for opening the Blue Envelope savings as well as looking for effective offers. A similar program called $100 Instant Win has been existing since 1988, although select markets were able to participate.

This year is Valpak's 50th anniversary in the direct marketing business.

Happy Clients Mean Good Business

First-time recipients initially think that it was a scam deal as they needed to call Valpak's office to confirm its legitimacy.

"It's been a pretty good promotion for us. People have to go through every coupon in the envelope to see if they have a check," said Jeff Goodman, co-founder of Valpak.

Hundreds of Valpak clients expressed their enthusiasm and excitement over the company's $100 promo.

"It feels great to win! At first, I thought it was a joke, advertisement or that there was a catch, but the check cashed and is in my bank! It is wonderful to win $100 just for looking through the money saving coupons that I look forward to receiving anyway," said Dee O, a customer from Seattle, Washington.

Cash It Out

Lia Jensen, director of Sales and Operations at Valpak West Michigan, said a total of 36 $100 checks were delivered in Grand Rapids. However, only eight recipients cashed out their checks.

"It's just an extra way for people to maybe get a free dinner," said Jensen. "We have a lot of great advertisers in our envelope, and if you find an extra $100, maybe you can use that at one of our advertisers."

Valpak caters printable and online coupons for restaurants, entertainment, automotive, and home service deals in 47 states in North America and Canada.

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