April Fools' Day 2018: Here Are Google's Pranks This Year


Google teams across the world made their own April Fool's pranks across some of Google's worldwide services, which can be fun, funny, or plain annoying.

Google, like other technology companies who love April Fool's Day, has not one, not two, but six harmless jokes that can make anyone shake their head in frustration and disappointment.

Waldo In Google Maps

In the possibly the most fun prank, Waldo comes to Google maps and waves at users until they decide to play. Tapping the waving character will take the users to an April Fool's world tour, wherein the user will be shown a particular spot on the map in Where's Waldo-style.

Google To Googz

In the land down under, Google Australia rebrands Google into Googz in an attempt to keep up with what's relevant and youthful. The April Fool's Day effort had Google Australia contracting the designer Jazza, who explained that abbreviating is a part of their culture. He then showcased the new logo, which is similar except that "le" is now replaced with "z."

Google Cloud Hummus API

Google's Israel office thought to help the consumers find the best hummus for them with the Hummus API. The team produced a video that explains the "breakthrough technology," which analyzes the taste buds of humans to come up with a suggestion for the perfect hummus restaurant. The "technology" combines vision intelligence, a big hummus data warehouse stored in the Cloud, and a taste stick.

Bad Joke Detector

The average phone has a lot of junk files that Files Go can clean up to provide users more space. Building upon that real service, Files Go now wants to delete bad jokes as well.

"Using a custom-built deep neural network, Files Go can scan your smartphone for jokes with your permission, identify the bad ones and delete all of them with a single tap, freeing up space for more important things—like better jokes!" the April Fool's Day announcement reads.

Gboard Physical Keyboard

Google Japan has a joke of its own, which brings the Gboard virtual keyboard in the physical realm. The equipment looks just like a normal keyboard, but it lets users swipe over the keys. Through machine learning, the keyboard will match the gesture with the right letters.

New Chromebooks Charging Options

Google now also wants to offer more charging options for Chromebooks by harnessing the solar power, wind power, and compost power. The April Fool's joke claims that 10 minutes in direct sunlight should power up the laptop for a good five hours, but only if without sunblock.

Google also urges Chromebook owners to visit the nearest wind tunnel or wind farm for some free energy, and for harnessing compost power, the user only needs to take the charger with them during gardening.

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