The 20 Biggest Tech Fails Of The 2000s

Microsoft Zune: The 20 Biggest Tech Fails Of The 2000s

While the 2000s were a period for great tech innovations, there were also plenty of flops. Here are the biggest technology fails during the previous decade. (Bkwparadox | Wikimedia Commons)

Some of the greatest consumer technology products we know today were first released in the 2000s. This was the decade that brought us the iPhone, the iPod, the Wii, and countless other items.

However, despite these innovations, there were also massive product fails during this decade.

Who remembers the Zune? Do you recall what Microsoft Vista was like? And do you remember the Microsoft Tablet PC?

For one, Microsoft had a lot of failures during the 2000s. Some of their products set the company back in a big way. But some of the greatest flops of the 2000s did not belong to Microsoft. Did you know that there was a wearable DVD player on the market? Also, who can forget social networks like MySpace and Friendster? These websites are all relics now.

Looking back now at the 2000s, consumers indeed had their share of horrible experiences with some of the products on the market. You are probably one of those who were excited to own or use a few of those products back in the day, but ended up disappointed. If you did not get to experience them on your own, that's fine because some of them were not really popular.

Let's now take a look back at some of the biggest failures in the tech world during the 2000s. Here are 20 of the worst examples of technology from that decade, which are also reasons enough to be thankful for the better ones we have today.

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