Fortnite Battle Royale continues to gain momentum as it draws more players, but Microsoft plans to give rival game PUBG a push for Xbox Live Gold members.

The Redmond-based firm recently confirmed that the popular open-world shooter will be free to play on April 19 to 22. Xbox One and Xbox One X gamers will be able to download a full preview of the game courtesy of the subscription service's Free Play Days promo.

Full Access And More

The developers have announced that qualified subscribers will have access to all of the game modes and new content. Gamers can opt to go solo, play with a friend, or take on the others as a squad. Furthermore, if the user decides to purchase the game after the promotional period, all Battle Points earned will be carried over to the retail version of the game.

Take note that an active subscription to Xbox Live Gold is required to download the F2P version of the game. A new DLC pack called PUBG5 Pack also went live costing $6.99. The set that includes cosmetic items such as a long-sleeved shirt, cuffed jeans, an exclusive cap, and hi-top sneakers.

Playing Catch Up

Other games on Xbox One that feature a trial or demo version for players, but PUBG does not have one. The newly announced Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days option is the first time that console owners will be able to take the title for a spin.

The lack of trial or demo for the game could be one of the reasons why players on different platforms opted to go with Fortnite Battle Royale instead. Players lauded Epic Games' decision to go free-to-play, which created a huge turnaround for the title as it previously struggled after launch. The Save The World game mode is still available for purchase, but it is apparently not as enjoyable as its PVP version.

Moreover, the available version for Microsoft's consoles is not as current as its counterpart on the PC. Miramar, the game's newest map, is already available for the PC but is delayed until May for the console.

Continued Support And Promotion

Last year, Microsoft offered a deal where buyers can get a free copy of PUBG when they purchase an Xbox One S. Now, it looks like the company is prepared to promote the battle royale shooter yet again and advertise Xbox Live Gold membership.

It seems the company continues to struggle with the lack of software on its game systems. Its latest first-party title Sea of Thieves was released last month with several issues and complaints from gamers. The way it relies on the battle royale shooter suggests that it is desperate to cling on to exclusives and gain a foothold in the market.

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