Neuropsychologists say existing knowledge is limited in studying the possibility of alien life forms and civilizations. The mystery of dark matter and dark energy are the limits.

In the study of the cosmic gorilla effect, scientists said that intelligent extraterrestrial signs of could be present, but traditional conception of space limits the ability to see those signs.

Mystery Of Dark Matter And Dark Energy

Invisible dark matter connects galaxies in the universe, but what experts know about dark energy is very little. NASA says the universe is composed of roughly 68 percent dark energy. The other 27 percent is dark matter.

Dark matter and dark energy actually remain a mystery. Everything that is observed using available knowledge and instruments consists only less than 5 percent.

Further study of dark matter and energy could shed light to the discovery of intelligent civilizations.

The signals could be present, but limited knowledge on dark matter and energy could be limiting the study of intelligent civilizations.

The study published in the journal Acta Astronautica also indicated how different classes of intelligent civilizations could be.

Intelligent Civilizations

Factors such as biology, longevity, psychosocial, technological advancement, and distribution in space should be considered when classifying intelligent civilizations.

"We were well aware that the existing classifications are too simplistic and are generally only based on the energy aspect. The fact that we use radio signals does not necessarily mean that other civilizations also use them, or that the use of energy resources and their dependence are the same as we have," according to Gabriel de la Torre, neuropsychologist at the University of Cadiz in Spain and lead author of the study.

Classifications of intelligent civilizations were developed based on the Kardashev scale, designed by Russian astrophysicist Nikolai Kardashev in 1964. Type of civilizations have three classes — Types I, II, and III that are based on technology and energy levels available. Human race is classified as a Type 0 civilization. Scientists say humans would probably reach Type I in about a hundred to 200 years.

Three Types Of Civilizations

Type I civilization is given to species with the ability to harness power and energy from a neighboring star and to gather and store this energy for use of the growing population.

Type II civilization can gather energy from the star and even control its entirety and transfer its energy for the planet's later use. This civilization can also utilize the hydrogen of gas planets through a reactor. This powerful ability can make a race immune to extinction.

Type III civilization is considered the master race — the most superior of all life forms and civilizations. This civilization may be incredibly different from the human race as we know it. It could be cyborgs or cybernetic organisms. This civilization constitutes exotic beings with an eternal life and are capable of creating in multidimensional and multiverse spaces. This type of civilization has an absolute control of dark energy and matter.

Scientists expanded the classes to include Type IV and Type V, but Kardashev said it was too advanced.

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