It looks like Snap is close to releasing the second generation of its Spectacles, which proves it is not giving up on it quite yet.

The gadget has just gone through FCC, describing it as a wearable video camera with "Model 002" printed on the label. It is a safe bet that it is indeed the new Spectacles, but the filing did not reveal too much information due to a confidentiality request. It did note that it comes with support for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

However, FCC filings do not automatically mean that the product will even see the light of day, but this information corroborates a previous report that Snap is planning to release two new iterations of the failure that is the first-generation Spectacles in 2016.

Second-Generation Spectacles Coming In 2018

Snap was able to successfully create hype around the first Spectacles. It created long lines for the product and resellers were adding a huge amount on top of the $130 selling price. However, it did not last long.

Snap only sold 150,000 units, losing $40 million in inventory. Months after this announcement, a report in March revealed that Snap is secretly planning to release a new version in the fall.

According to unnamed sources, it will come with improvements in performance and some bug fixes. The second-generation Spectacles will not apparently sport drastic technical changes, rather, the company is dressing it up with new colors and water resistance.

More Ambitious Spectacles On Track For 2019 Release

Snap suffered a massive loss of money from the first-generation Spectacles while the second-generation has not even been officially announced. Yet, it already has the third iteration in the pipeline, which is described as more ambitious.

The third-generation Snap Spectacles will reportedly boast an all-new design and dual cameras, allowing users to snap videos with 3D effects. A prototype made with an aluminum frame already exists, and it has a more circular shape than the current model.

Snap Lab is also looking into putting a GPS in the Spectacles. At $300 price tag, almost double the amount of the first Spectacles, Snap is considering adding a leather case.

The launching of the third Spectacles was initially planned for 2018, but missing internal deadlines has pushed its possible release date to 2019.

AR Spectacles Being Planned

Selling hardware will become even more important for the company despite its recent setbacks. In the future, Snap intends to incorporate AR into Spectacles. Facebook and Apple are also currently developing this technology, which could prove to be another hurdle for Snap.

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