PUBG Update 10 Rolls Out To Test Servers: Here's What's New


A new set of updates makes its way to PUBG test servers for PC players. The developers refer to the new tweaks as patch 10.

The new patch introduces several changes to different game elements that will eventually make it into the live servers. The most notable tweaks that come with the new update have something to do with the game's blue zone mechanics. This feature notably delivers a sense of urgency for players to scavenge, survive, fight, and stay within the safe zone.

Players believe that any changes made to it will most likely affect overall gameplay.

The Numbers Reveal Everything

The game studio provided a chart that details the before and after values of each phase. The update makes the speed of the initial few phases a little bit faster than before. Gamers who previously opted to do their looting earlier and farther away from the center will be forced to change tactics.

However, it compensates for it later in the game when the circle contracts a little bit slower than before. The developers probably want players to focus on survival and combat early and strategically find ideal positions later in the match.

Additionally, the chart likewise reveals that the damage sustained from the blue zone during the late half of the match has been increased.

Patch Notes On Other Tweaks

Patch 10 for PUBG is not entirely focused on changes that affect the gameplay mechanics. Some of the additional tweaks are made for the game world, user interface, user options, and some bug fixes. These are all on trial, in the meantime, and will most likely flow over to the live server soon if the feedback is favorable.

The newly added Miramar map receives several improvements meant to encourage players to visit and loot some of its areas. The developers confirmed that it added more spawning areas for vehicles along with more roads and off-road paths to make travel easier going in and out of some locations. The game studio also added Alcantara village and moved the Oasis up north.

The team leader can now kick out team members via the Team tab, which is found at the bottom part of the screen. The invite button on the career screen can be used to send invitations and make requests.

Bug Fixes Included

The changes that come with patch 10 also include some fixes for certain issues that affect gameplay. In certain situations, players can no longer get a drop on opponents as footsteps will always make a sound regardless of the surface.

Indoor plants are no longer viable sources of cover since bullets should now pass through the objects. Another problem that grants a player temporary invulnerability after they exit a moving vehicle has been removed. The complete patch notes can be viewed on the game's Steam page.

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