Sea Of Thieves Update Promises Players Won't Run Out Of Things To Do


Players of Sea of Thieves no longer have to complain about the lack of activities anymore with the recent announcement of future updates from game developer Rare.

Sea Of Thieves Lacking Meaningful Material

It has only been less than a month since Sea of Thieves was released, but it seems that players are already running out of things to do. Fortunately, the studio behind the game has been listening to the feedback from the community.

"As we look to add to the game, we will be very purposeful about the type of experience we want to create, and how we want this game to grow," Rare said in its blog post.

According to the developers, they are putting importance on creating new experiences, bringing players together in unique encounters, enriching the Sea of Thieves world, and adding more meaning to the journey to Pirate Legend status. On that note, Rare has shared what's in store for players.

New Features Coming Soon

Rare has outlined its content plans in said post, revealing that the first update called The Hungering Deep will drop in May. The update will feature a whole new adventure involving an AI threat, which shall force pirates to work together to thwart it. The event will also bring some new mechanics to assist players and unique rewards to claim.

The month of May will also see the start of weekly events, which are different to content updates. However, they will also feature new mechanics to provide players new ways to play the game. Of course, there will be rewards as well.

The Hungering Deep will be followed by two other Sea of Thieves content updates, which are set for release over summer. One of which is called Cursed Sails featuring a new ship type and the other is Forsaken Shores, which will open up a new part of the world that Rare described as perilous.

Both updates will also bring mysterious AI threats, new mechanics, and new rewards. Interestingly, all three updates will be available for free to all players.

Rare Makes Some Compromises

According to Rare, the content plans were based on feedback from players. As the developers prioritize these updates, it also means that the previously promised Pets and Ship Captaincy features have been put in the back seat for now.

It's unknown how far are these in the Sea of Thieves roadmap, but the developers urge players to expect the plans to be fluid.

Sea of Thieves is available on Xbox One and Windows PC.

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