Here Are The New 'Overwatch' Skins You'll Get With A Twitch All-Access-Pass


Overwatch players can look forward to receiving new content like a new map, character tweaks for Hanzo, and more as Twitch reveals new Overwatch League skins.

The team-based shooter's official competition is already in its third stage as players aim to become the inaugural season's first champions. The video game streaming platform is the official partner of the tournament. Those who opt to get the All-Access-Pass will receive a bunch of cosmetic content for several heroes in the game.

Team Theme

The game's ongoing Retribution event only has a few weeks left until it closes and offers eight new legendary skins along with the previous year's lineup. Right now, players are encouraged to grind through the game and earn experience points that reward loot boxes.  

Although there are already special skins available that represent some of the tournament's team colors, the upcoming special offer will reportedly feature an away theme. Unlike the home colors that mainly feature the team's colors with white accents, the new ones will be mostly in white along with accents that flaunt the aforementioned team color schemes.

A Packaged Deal

Gamers who avail of the Twitch All-Access-Pass for the shooter will not only receive the Overwatch League skins but likewise enjoy other perks that enhance their experience. Subscribers will be able to access options such as post-match interviews, map breakdowns by top competitors, and insider videos of each professional player.

Moreover, access to the "Command Center" allows viewers to watch the stream and freely shift from different cameras, access facecams, in-game stats, and backstage camera access, and view the exclusive Behind-the-Screens video series that follow a top player as they talk about the previous week's matches and give their insights.

Furthermore, other items like special chat emotes and badges can be used alongside the access to exclusive chatrooms.

Cost, Special Deals, And Other Upcoming Content

Gamers who want to grab the Twitch All-Access-Pass for the Overwatch League stream can have it for $29.99. However, Twitch Prime members can reportedly avail of the special $10 discount, which leaves it at $19.99 only. Those interested in the membership can go to and sign up for its Prime membership, which includes the video-game streaming premium subscription.

The offer is apparently limited and will end on May 17 so those who want to take advantage of it still have a few weeks left to decide.

Fans are obviously excited about the overall gameplay balance as the game studio promised tweaks that improve the title. PTR participants can expect the much-awaited Hanzo rework and a new map to arrive on the test servers soon.

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