WhatsApp Gets ‘Dismiss As Admin’ Feature: Here’s What It Does


WhatsApp is getting a new feature called "Dismiss as Admin" for its iOS and Web apps, which allows members of a group chat with administrator powers to demote other administrators if needed.

The demotion means they'll have less authority within a chat thread, but they won't be removed entirely. The feature is now live on version 2.18.41 of WhatsApp for iOS and the Web app. However, it's still not available on the latest stable version of the app on Android.

Oddly, WhatsApp already had this feature enabled in version 2.18.116 of the Android app, but is missing from version 2.18.17, which is a beta release. There's no telling why the feature is slipping in and out, but perhaps it's still not fully ready for a stable rollout just yet.

Dismiss As Admin

In previous versions of the app, demoting another administrator within a group required removing them from the thread, then adding them back again. Obviously, this was an unnecessarily long and inconvenient process, especially in situations where a lot of administrators needed to be demoted. WhatsApp probably realized this was too cumbersome and decided to streamline the process.

Now, with the Dismiss as Admin feature, administrator no longer have to remove a member of the group to remove their administrator privileges. It's a slight tweak, but a crucial one.

High Priority Notifications

Along with a more fine-tuned admin dismissal system, WhatsApp is also rolling out another feature, but this new feature requires a device to be running Android 5.0 or higher and for the app to be updated to the 2.18.117 beta version.

First spotted by WABetaInfo, this feature, called High Priority notifications, allows users to manage notifications better. If High Priority notifications are enabled for a chat, every incoming update will be pinned at the top of the notification center, overriding other chats. This may be applied to private chats and groups. It will definitely prove useful for group chats in the workplace as members will be able to put important chats on top so as to avoid getting distracted by other, less important threads. Users must go to the notification settings on the group and tick the "Use high priority notifications" to enable the feature.

Thoughts on the streamlined Dismiss as Admin feature? What about high priority notifications? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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