Microsoft Is Replacing The OneNote Desktop App With The Windows 10 Version


Microsoft confidently announces its decision to stop all post-launch support for the OneNote desktop app. It will divert resources to the Windows 10 version instead.

Based on reports, the Redmond-based company silently dedicated its efforts over the years to improve the lightweight version of the program. In 2017, the program's user interface was tweaked, moving the sections and pages transferred to the left-hand rail.

Another feature, which users reportedly found very useful, is also on board. It records audio that can be synchronized with the notes taken down.

Office 2019 Contents

For those who are more familiar with the desktop version included with Office 2016, the company has assured that it is not going away anytime soon. Its post-launch support is slated to continue until October 2020. It means that it will continue to receive bug fixes and security fixes until support ceases on the aforementioned date.

This year's Office 2019 will include the Windows 10 version of the note-taking program alongside other new features. The new suite is supposedly compatible with the latest version of the operating system only. The Mac version and the cloud-based Office 365 will likewise get the same thing.

Setting Expectations For The Upgrade

Based on the details it has shared, Microsoft confirms several things surrounding the upcoming upgrade to Office 2019. It serves to inform consumers who might not be aware of the changes made by the development team.

"OneNote 2016 is optionally available for anyone with Office 365 or Office 2019, but will no longer be installed by default," William Devereux, a member of the OneNote team, wrote in a blog post.

"If you currently use OneNote 2016, you won't notice any changes when you update to Office 2019. We'll continue to offer support, bug fixes, and security updates for OneNote 2016 for the duration of the Office 2016 support lifecycle, which runs through October 2020 for mainstream support and October 2025 for extended support."

A Great Move For Microsoft

Several users voiced their appreciation for the company's approach to improving its Office applications. Another report claims that the firm shared its future plans to mix and match useful features from different programs and integrate them into some of the apps that consumers mostly use.

It means that future upgraded versions of the Windows 10 version of OneNote could flaunt even more useful functions such as page templates, tags, and preview other office files within the app.

Mobile Platforms Included

The Windows 10 version of OneNote could be the focus of the update, suggesting that users on desktops, laptops, and 2-in-1 hybrid devices are the only ones who will benefit from it.

Additionally, Microsoft confirmed that mobile version of the application will also receive similar upgrades for the sake of parity.

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