11 Amazing Facts About How Intuit Grew Into A Respectable Tech Company


Intuit is a tech company that helps individuals and small businesses with important financial tasks. Here are 11 incredible things you didn't know about this tech company. (John Medina | Getty Images)

Intuit has changed the way that people use computers to handle financial tasks, accounting, and tax preparation. Its software has helped individuals and businesses keep track of their finances.

The company was formed in 1983 and has since emerged as a leading tech company. Intuit has grown to over 8,000 employees as of 2018. Brad Smith serves as the CEO and chairman for the Palo Alto-based tech company.

Its most popular software, TurboTax, is used by millions of Americans every year. TurboTax allows users to prepare and file federal and state income taxes. The software can handle tasks such as locating tax deductions, handling self-employment taxes, and maximizing tax credits. Users can also file an IRS extension with TurboTax.

QuickBooks, another type of software created by Intuit, serves millions of businesses. The software has the capabilities to handle invoicing, banking, business projections, and to accept payments. In recent years, Intuit improved the software by adding cloud-based versions for small business subscribers.

In 2009, Intuit purchased finance management website from TechCrunch. Intuit has expanded this platform to allow users to track spending, pay bills, and check their credit scores. Over 10 million subscribers depend on to stay on top of important financial matters.

How is Intuit providing small businesses with important information? Why do employees like working at Intuit? Additionally, how did Intuit become such a major tech company?

Here are 11 things that everyone should know about Intuit, including some incredible facts about how it grew into a respectable tech company. 

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