God Of War Patch 1.12 Lets You Increase The In-Game Text's Size


Sony's Santa Monica Studio's God of War continues to receive high praises from gamers and developers alike. Patch 1.12 arrives with a text size slider.

Even though the game's launch was relatively problem-free, there were some minor gameplay issues that affected the enjoyment of players. Most users pointed out presumably overlooked problems such as the lack of options for the aiming reticle, display resolution problems, and the lack of a font size slider. This apparently forced gamers to sit closer to their TVs to read the action-adventure title's minuscule text. The latest update supposedly fixes this oversight.

Too Small For Comfort

For gamers who immediately went into gameplay without subtitles enabled would not notice the problem with the text right away. However, there are instances wherein the game will require the player to open the menu for several reasons.

In some cases, Atreus discovers lore or treasure maps, which needs to be read within the menu. That's when a large number of gamers pointed that the text is very difficult to read in its default size. It presumably got to a point where the developers reviewed the comments and worked on a patch to fix it.

Getting It Just Right

Many journalists and gaming publications had nothing to say but praises about God of War even before its official launch. Some sources teased that the graphics, gameplay, and story were probably engaging to a point that gamers must have overlooked some of its minor flaws.

Nevertheless, the team at Sony's Santa Monica Studio released several patches that followed days after the game hit store shelves. The latest one that was recently pushed out was patch version 1.12, which now comes with an option to tweak the font size features in-game.

With new option in place, gamers, especially on the PlayStation 4 Pro with the high-resolution option turned on, can finally adjust the size of the text.

More On The Way

Based on the feedback from players that have already installed patch version 1.12 for God of War, the option does not really improve the readability of the text. Most still reportedly opt to sit closer to the TV to read what's on the screen.

Insiders suggest that the game studio is aware of the ongoing problem with the text size as well as other issues. It appears that more improvements are being considered in a future patch, which allegedly might come with a new photo mode option.

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