Google highlights the breakthrough contributions of Jane Goodall in Science. Her study of chimpanzees for 55 years has transformed humans' perception and treatment of animals.

Google describes Goodall as one of the most influential advocates, conservationist, activist, animal lover, and animal behavior experts that the modern world has. The British primatologist has dedicated her life to the study and protection of the environment.

Her most celebrated contribution to Science is her discovery that chimpanzees, like humans, possess the capability of making and using tools. This breakthrough finding has rocked the scientific community at the time and continues to be a major influence on how the relationship between humans and the animal kingdom has evolved for the better.

Jane Goodall And Chimpanzee David Greybeard

Goodall had always dreamt of living among wildlife in Africa since she was little.

Goodall was just 26 years old when she began her study of chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania. She did not just observe them but immersed and lived with the chimpanzees in their actual habitat.

At first, the chimpanzees were afraid of her. They always scrambled away when they sense Goodall's presence.

There was one chimp that overcame his fear of Goodall and started to ask for banana from her regularly. The guy has gray facial hair.

Through time, this chimp totally grew comfortable with Goodall, an opportunity which she takes to observe him closely. She named the chimp David Greybeard.

It was through David that Goodall learned about the chimpanzees' capacity to use tools. This shocked the world at the time because humans were the only known species that use tools.

David eventually died in 1968. But his relationship with Goodall opened up humans' new insights about how similar chimpanzees are with people.

Jane Goodall's Message For Earth Day

Goodall gives a personal, inspiring message in a video for the Google Doodle For Earth Day 2018. She shares how she is extremely passionate about animals. Most importantly, she reminds everyone of how people can have a positive impact on the planet.

Goodall shares that she thinks she was born loving animals. She could only think about the animals when she was just a child.

She tells people that the rainforest will teach humans how everything is interconnected with each little species. And so, she believes that people should make a determined effort to live better lives to achieve harmony with nature.

"Every single individual matter, every single individual makes some impact on the planet every single day, and we have a choice what kind of difference we are going to make," she says.

"I am hopeful that this Earth Day Google Doodle will live as a reminder for people across the globe that there is still so much in the world worth fighting for," she continues.

In 1977, Goodall founded the Jane Goodall Institute. Today, the institute continues to use breakthrough approach to conserve and improve the lives of people, animals, and the environment.

Google Doodle For Earth Day

The Google Doodle For Earth Day 2018 was headed by Matthew Cruickshank, lead artist on the project, a graphic designer, illustrator, and animator. He has also worked with Disney and Warner Bros in the past.

He said he finds joy to have had worked with Goodall in celebration of the Earth Day 2018.

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