Hellboy: The Boardgame has finally hit Kickstarter and smashed its goal in no time, raising more than $1 million in just a few seconds.

The game comes from UK's Mantic Games, which makes miniature games such as The Walking Dead: All Out War, Kings of War, and others.

'Hellboy: The Board Game' Kickstarter Campaign

Hellboy: The Board Game is based on Mike Mignona's highly popular Hellboy comics and it comes with a slew of elements to construct the elaborate game. Mantic Games set out to raise $139,323 via its Kickstarter campaign and it blasted through that goal with nearly a month left to go.

The Kickstarter campaign will run until Friday, May 25 and the game is estimated to start shipping to backers in February 2019. With more than $1 million raised and more than 9,000 backers, Hellboy: The Board Game is Mantic Games' most successful campaign ever.

'Hellboy: The Board Game' - What To Expect

The upcoming board game supports up to four players and emerges them into the world of Hellboy with horror stories, folklore, myths, and the occult. The players join the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, or BPRD for short, and have to deal with occult threats that could take a heavy toll on mankind.

Players need to cooperate with each other and investigate gothic locations, find artefacts, fight monsters, challenge bosses, and discover valuable clues. The game initially included 99 PVC miniatures: four heroes — Hellboy, Liz Sherman, Abe Sapien, and Johann Kraus, three bosses — Rasputin, a giant frog monster, and a tentacle creature, and a slew of monsters and minions.

Eventually Mantic Games decided to expand the game to 108 pre-assembled miniatures, adding more BPRD agents, extra enemies, and an alternate Hellboy version.

Players can choose one of the four heroes of the BPRD, equip their agent with various items, and set off to an exciting adventure. Keep in mind, however, that each weapon, trinket, or charm costs money, and players have limited funds.

A BPRD Case File will start each mission, informing players of the situation and offering clues regarding the potential threats. Mantic notes that each Case File is top secret, so first-time players won't have a clue what they're getting into.

Watch Out For Impending Doom

"During play, agents must carefully balance the Information Gathered track against the ominous Impending Doom track," Mantic points out. "Information Gathered represents the clues you uncover about the monster you're hunting, while the Impending Doom track marks how close humanity is to the brink of destruction."

For instance, if one spends too much time investigating a scene for clues, they could discover a crucial piece of the puzzle that could help them defeat their enemy, but they also risk having the Impending Doom track hit its gruesome end.

The Deck of Doom stack, meanwhile, will ensure that no two missions play exactly the same. Players take a Deck of Doom card for each turn, and this card could start a special event, speed up the Impending Doom track, or fuel a new massacre from the monsters hidden nearby.

Regardless of what players decide to do during the mission, each play through always concludes with a final confrontation with a powerful Hellboy foe. When the board changes to show the boss' lair, it's the last chance to save humanity from evil.

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