Wanting to see popular fictional characters in a new light is not something new, and comic books have been a way to explore infinite possibilities for heroes and villains. This is definitely the case with both Marvel and DC Comics with their alternate and multiple universes.

In July 2016, IDW publishing launched a series of one-shot comic books called Deviations that follows the characters of popular series after changing one important event in their stories. The X-Files was a part of the roster in 2016 and the one change in the story is that it was Fox Mulder instead of his sister, Samantha Mulder, who was abducted by aliens.

Now IDW Publishing is back with Deviations and there are more intriguing what ifs that will be explored in the stories. Deviations will have a five-week event that will feature five different comic books separately but the 136-paged collection will already be released in March.

Star Trek

Writer Donny Cates boldly went "where no man has gone before," telling the story of an Earth that was discovered by Romulans instead of Vulcans. The Earth has become a brutal penal colony, and William Riker is a resistance fighter who will discover and rescue a mysterious human prisoner in the very depths of the Romulan dungeons. Josh Hood created the illustrations for this Star Trek deviation.

The X-Files

Writer Amy Chu and artist Elena Casagrade teamed up again to bring Agent Samantha Mulder and Dana Sculley another mysterious case that leads them to investigate a shadowy figure. The X-Files fans will be excited to learn that the Lone Gunmen will make their appearance.

Orphan Black

Heli Kennedy and Wayne Nichols teamed up to write and illustrate the first segment of a six-part comic book deviation to Orphan Black, which explores the idea of Beth's survival. The Clone Club forms in a different way and the mysterious Project LEDA unfolds in new, exciting ways.

Judge Dredd

John McCrea wondered what would happen if Judge Dredd turned into a werewolf and stayed that way. McCrea's deviation is a sideways look at "Cry of the Werewolf" by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and the late Steve Dillon.

And the most compelling of all ...

My Little Pony

Writer Katie Cook and artist Agnes Garbowska teamed up to ask "What would happen if Prince Blueblood is Celestia's star pupil and not Twilight Sparkle?"

The comic book titles above are just five of the many titles included in the collection because the Ghostbusters and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will also have their alternate stories.

March is just around the corner so fans of alternate timelines to comic book stories should watch out for the release of Deviations.

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