Nintendo Looking For 'The Legend Of Zelda' Level Designers


Nintendo plans to continue The Legend of Zelda series for a long time, and it is already hiring a level designer for the next installment.

The Legend Of Zelda Level Designer Has A Lot Of Responsibilities

The job listing was posted on Nintendo's official website, which was then translated by a Twitter user. According to the translation, the person they are looking for should have experience as a game planner on consoles, ruling out a The Legend of Zelda game for another platform. The applicant should also be confident in speaking Japanese as the position requires working with a group.

Those interested in the position can apply through the website by filling up a form, which is geared toward applicants residing in Japan. If they pass the screening process, they will undergo a practical test, and if they pass that one as well, they will go on two interviews.

Once hired, the level designer will be responsible for designing the layout of the map and dungeons, as well as cutscenes and events. Their tasks will include plan proposals, adjustments, specifications, and the actual implementation among others. This person will also work on enemies, suggesting that they will have a rather large role in the assumed next The Legend of Zelda title.

It is a contract position with a salary that may range from $34,766 to $74,107. The successful applicant will get allowances for housing, moving, and transportation as well.

New 'The Legend Of Zelda' Game In The Works?

The job posting hints that a new The Legend of Zelda installment is in the pipeline for the Nintendo Switch. Although Nintendo does not usually release two Zelda games for the same console, it will likely make an exception this time due to the success of Breath of the Wild. Considering as well that it was released as a Switch launch title, there is more time to develop a new game for the console.

On the flip side, Nintendo only mentioned The Legend of Zelda series in the listing. The job could be related to Breath of the Wild, whatever the company is planning for its hit title.

Nevertheless, fans hope that the project is indeed a new Zelda game that takes the best things about BotW, such as its open world design. Its fresh take on the genre emphasizes the exploration of the world rather than the collection of shiny things and chasing waypoints like other open world titles tend to do.

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